Emerging Opportunities for B.Sc. (Economics) Honours and M.Sc. (Economics) Graduates

For those who study Economics, there’s never been a better time to further their career than now. Economics has always been that Evergreen Subject that is highly sought-after at both the national and international level. Probably, because it’s utility in day-to-day life is so practical and useful, and enables us to enhance our lateral thinking abilities. Moreover it spans a variety of fields – banking, trade, commerce, insurance, research, academics and much more. So if you study at one of the Best Economics Colleges in India, your job opportunities are vast and the top-most companies like Deloitte, Accenture, ZS Associates, D.E. Shaw Associates, CRISIL, S&P Capital etc are looking for you!

Here’s a look at the burgeoning opportunities you can explore if you’re studying B.Sc. (Economics) Honours or M.Sc. (Economics) at one of the Best Economics colleges in India.

Data Analyst/Scientist: As a data analyst your job would be to evaluate and advise people or institutions on the impact of financial risk and uncertainty. You would use knowledge of both economics and business, then provide reports and devise strategies on how to minimize these risks. Most of such jobs exist in the insurance sector, but later on, after you get experience, you can move to a field like banking too. You must be skilled in mathematics and computing statistics of course, but your finesse at communicating complex data to non-experts is key too.

Indian Economic Service (IES): If you have completed your M.Sc. (Economics) from one of the Best Economics Colleges in Pune with at least 55%, there’s good news for you from Indian Economic Service (IES). You can appear for the IES Exam and if you’re selected, you get to perform tasks like economic planning in Planning Commissions for the country. Imagine the pride of that! Of course, that’s not the only opening – you could also be a part of the Planning Board or the Ministry of Economic Affairs or the National Sample Survey – all of these need good knowledge of Economics!

Banking: One of the most popular choices is banking! Did you know that the Reserve Bank of India recruits economists in the banking sector through their own recruiting examinations? If you’re in the age limit of 21-28, you are eligible to apply. Of course, you could also appear for the State Bank recruitment exam and IBPS and get absorbed in the banking field. If you hold a B.Sc. (Economics) Honours or M.Sc. (Economics) Degree from one of the Top Economic Colleges, you can also try for private and foreign banks.

Field Research: If you major in Economics from one of the Best Economics College in India, the world is your oyster. In fact, you could also become a field researcher in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and economic thought and theory. Just imagine, you could be working with prestigious and global institutions like IMF, World Bank, J-PAL, Oxfam, Niti Aayog , etc

Risk Analyst: If you’re a B.Sc. (Economics) Honours or an M.Sc. (Economics), the job of a Risk Analyst could well be yours! Graduates with a background in this subject are actually preferred and highly valued for roles in financial control and risk analysis, data analysis and consultancy. You are required to keep the financial requirements of clients and businesses on track while advising and providing services to a range of banking clients and customers.

These are just a few of the job opportunities available for all those of you who are thinking of enrolling into one of the Top Economic Colleges in Pune and doing B.Sc. (Economics) Honours or M.Sc. (Economics). As we said, the world is yours to explore as far as job options go. From financial advisor to wealth manager, macro-economic researcher to Consumer Behaviour Researcher, Business Intelligence Analyst to Research Analyst and teacher, you can do it all.

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